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GBTA APAC Conference 2023 Singapore


Main Stage

11:00 AM-12:15 PM
Opening Main Stage- New Horizons: New Frontiers

Business Travel is back in APAC and so is GBTA. In this scene setting Opening Main Stage we will address the state of business travel in the region, drawing on GBTA research and insights we will look at how it is expected to grow over the next five years and what is different. The region is benefiting from what might seem small insignificant actions – turning into huge rewards. This is the time to take advantage of this compounding and the state of flux we are in. We know that this will pass and is only preceding the establishment of a new direction.

Opening Keynote: Suzanne Neufang – GBTA BTI Outlook and Industry Mega Trends
Regional InsightMr Poh Chi Chuan, Executive Director, Exhibitions & Conference,  Singapore Tourism Board

Industry Leader Panel Discussion:

Moderator: Suzanne Neufang – CEO at GBTA
Panellist: Chavi Jafa, Senior Vice President Head of Commercial and Money Movement Solutions, Asia Pacific, Visa
Panellist: Rajeev Menon, President Asia Pacific (excluding China) at Marriott International
Panellist: Bertrand Saillet, Managing Director at FCM Travel Solutions Asia

9:15 AM-10:30 AM
The Innovation Hour (and a Quarter)

Innovation brings disruption and disruption brings opportunity – this session will look at how changes in distribution channels are impacting our industry and how to harness the power of innovation.

1. The Distribution Landscape

The distribution landscape is changing at varying rates across the globe – all these changes impact the international Travel Buyer/Manager and show to add challenges to the supplier base. This expert analysis from our Keynote Speaker will set the scene for ‘The Distribution Debate’.

Keynote: Ingrid Picard, Head of Commercial APAC at Amadeus

2. The Distribution Debate

The evolution of distribution is causing shockwaves through the business travel industry and the eco-system it’s built upon. What does this mean for managed travel programs and how can we prepare for what may be coming? Join us for an insightful discussion with our expert panel as they talk through their views on travel distribution and what lies ahead. We are discussion various points of views on customers, channels, and collaboration.

Moderator: Mark Cuschieri, Executive Director Travel at UBS & GBTA President

Panellist: Philipp Bonkatz, General Manager Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei at Lufthansa Group
Panellist: Nathan Milner, Director Strategic Sourcing at GBT
Panelist: Ingrid Picard, Head of Commercial APAC at Amadeus
Panellist: Cinn Tan, Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer at Pan Pacific Hotel Groups

3. All Hail the Travel Innovators

For centuries innovation has transformed travel from modes of transport to all aspects of the distribution; booking; communicating and payment processes, not to mention how we collaborate and meet. But how can these transformational technologies and inventions be harnessed and incorporated into a corporate travel programme successfully and what do the innovation watchers see coming down the track.

As we enter an era of economic uncertainty what opportunities does innovation offer to drive improved services; efficiencies and longer-term cost saving though investment now. Join us for a chat with our specially curated expert panel as they talk through transformational technologies and innovation in travel and how they can be incorporated into a corporate travel program.

Moderator: Aurelie Krau, Founder, Innovation Consultant & Founder The Nomad Hours

Abdel Abatouy, Chief Technology & Information Officer Asia at FCM
Michael Chiay, Co-Founder/CEO at Trransfer
Panellist: Patricia Nordstrom, Senior Director of Corporate Partnerships Asia Pacific at Plug and Play Tech Center

3:00 PM-4:00 PM
Closing Main Stage: Winning Hearts and Minds

Travel is a people business – so how do we as an industry recruit, retain and realise the potential of the brightest and best? In this closing main stage, led by Andrew Chan we shall look at what our industry needs to do to attract new talent and what we need to do to drive our own career success.

1. Meet Gen Z: What is the next generation of workers looking for and what do we as an industry need to do to attract them. In this interactive panel session Andrew will speak to a panel of Generation Z representatives who are about to enter the workforce to understand what their priorities are and what they are looking for from their career and potential employers.

Moderator: Andrew Chan, founder and CEO at ACI HR Solutions / President and Co-Founder at

Panellist: Bryan Tan, Graduate from Temasek Poly (TP) and Singapore Management University (SMU)

2. Elevating the role of the Travel Manager: Business Travel is no longer seen as a commodity. It has become an investment that determines if a company will thrive in its ability to manage travel and mobility. The travel buyer/manager can become that leader who utilizes their expertise to promote company culture and strengthen a workforce that is spread out. As business travel becomes a fundamental part of goals, and culture, travel manager are in an unique position to strengthen internal collaboration with stakeholders, such as HR, Finance, ESG, and the C-Suite. Our travel buyers/manager are in pole position to drive the transformation toward more inclusive and sustainable travel – as they become the champions on value, and experiences. Join our subject matter experts on stage as they tell you first-hand about their experiences on how to elevate business travel within their organization.

Moderator: Andrew Chan, founder and CEO at ACI HR Solutions / President and Co-Founder at
Panellist: Brenda Quek, Asia-Pacific Travel, M&E Program and Engagement Leader at EY
Panellist: Timothy Tan, SVP Global Corporate Travel Management & Procurement at UOB Group/UOB Travel

3. Turbo Charge your Career Keynote: There is no shortage on books, podcasts, and TED-talks claiming to reveal the secrets behind a successful career. It is fair to say that a successful career requires us managing the person we see when we look in the mirror. Ultimately it is about taking ownership of your career by identifying your goals and build a plan to meet those goals. This is easier said than done. Join our conference closing Keynote Speaker, Andrew Chan who will provide tips and tricks on how to turbo charge your career.

Keynote: Andrew Chan, founder and CEO at ACI HR Solutions / President and Co-Founder at