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In Co-location with WERC Regional Summit

GBTA APAC Conference


Main Stage

9:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Opening Main Stage: Radical Collaboration for the Future of Business Travel in APAC

Welcome Address by Singapore Tourism Board
Mr Poh Chi Chuan, Executive Director, Exhibitions & Conference

Industry Keynote by Suzanne Neufang, CEO, GBTA
GBTA Outlook on current state of business travel globally as well as the APAC region’s outlook.  Drawing on GBTA research and insights, we will look at pertinent industry trends that will shape the future of business travel.

Travel KOL Keynote by Hermione Joye, Sector Lead, Travel and Vertical Search APAC, Google
Hear from Hermione Joye, Sector Lead, Travel and Vertical Search APAC, Google what are the mega travel trends in today’s travel landscape.

The Opening Main Stage session will conclude with an engaging Industry Leaders Panel. Narrowing the focus from the previous sessions into a discussion on today’s challenges and opportunities within the APAC Business Travel market against the backdrop of the business outlook and trends.

Elle Ng-Darmawan, Regional Director, APAC, GBTA


  • Nicola Winchester, Global Travel, Meetings and Events Leader, EY
  • John Simeone, CEO, Jetstar
  • Cinn Tan, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Pan Pacific Hotels Group
  • Johnny Thorsen, VP of Business Development for Content Distribution, Spotnana
3:45 PM – 5:00 PM
Elevate for Success:  The Strategic Evolution in the Roles of Travel Manager and Account Manager

Discover the pivotal transformation opportunities in the roles of Travel Manager and Account Manager.  From tactical operatives to strategic visionaries. Dive into real-world insights and learn how to navigate the evolving landscapes of travel and account management.

ROI Revolution: Elevating the Role of the Travel Manager (and Travel Program)

Shaping the Future:  Transforming Travel Management Overview
Mike Orchard, FESTIVE ROAD will share the key changes in travel management, and how these are reshaping travel programmes, from FESTIVE ROAD's 'Macroscope 2.0' global research.

Fireside Chat with a Strategic Travel Manager (15 min)
An insightful conversation with a seasoned Travel Manager, moderated by Mike Orchard. Delve into the transformative role of travel managers, exploring the nuances of strategic travel management and the changing roles and skills needed for success. Includes audience interaction through live polling and questions.

Presenter & Interviewer: Mike Orchard, Principal Consultant, Product & Analytics Lead, FESTIVE ROAD

Buyer Fireside Chat: Adeline Kang, Regional Operations Director JCAP, Travel Meetings & Card, MSD

Perfecting the art of Account Management
This session aims to shed light on the evolving dynamics of account management in the business travel industry, encouraging an exchange of insights on achieving excellence in client relationships, adapting to change, and navigating the post-COVID landscape. The session will be thought provoking for both travel buyers and suppliers.

Speaker: Sascha van der Zijden, Head of Customer Success, Asia Pacific, SAP Concur

360° Perspective: The Anatomy of Exceptional Account Management (30 min)
A dynamic panel discussion featuring voices from across the industry spectrum, analysing the essence of superb account management and its value for both buyers and suppliers. Includes audience interaction through live polling and questions.

Moderator: Carl Jones, APAC Advisory Board Member, GBTA


  • Scott Reddie, Asia Chief Business Officer, FCM Travel Asia
  • Shirley Chin, Senior Director, Global Sales Southeast Asia, Marriott International
  • Adeline Kang, Regional Operations Director JCAP, Travel Meetings & Card, MSD
  • Sascha van der Zijden, Head of Customer Success, Asia Pacific, SAP Concur
9:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Driving Positive Impact through ESG

ESG Best Practices and Future Plans
In this session we will delve into what ESG means for corporations and how can business travel have a positive impact in the drive for a more sustainable future for travel. Looking at governance; reporting and the social potential for regenerative travel this session will showcase best practise already in action and plans for the future.

Fireside Chat with: Beh Siew Kim, Chief Financial & Sustainability Officer and Managing Director Japan and Korea at The Ascott

Embracing Inclusivity in Travel: Fostering Connections and Accessibility
Travel is more than just a journey; it's an avenue for connection, education, sales, and delivery. However, without due consideration for accessibility, these opportunities can become daunting or even impossible for many. In this session, we'll delve into the pivotal role that travel plays in cultivating an inclusive workplace. We'll explore why inclusivity matters and discuss practical strategies for making travel accessible to all. Join us as we unlock the power of inclusivity in travel and pave the way for a more connected and accommodating future.

Moderator: Linda Bekoe, Chair of Inclusion and Culture Committee, GBTA and CEO / Founder, About Partners


  • Joann Toh, Global Travel Manager, Amway
  • Sharifah Alhabshi, Senior Director, Program Management - Asia Pacific, BCD Travel
3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Closing Main Stage with Keynote - Unlocking the Power of Partnerships

ESG, Web3, NFT, ChatGPT. It’s official, the business world has entered the era of acronym poetry. It’s an era defined by constant change, which begs the question: how can leadership teams get on the front foot and stay ahead of the curve?

One of the most underrated approaches in building the business of tomorrow is unlocking the power of the partnerships ecosystem. After all, why spend years building a suite of capabilities that will soon be outdated when you can borrow those same capabilities from expert partners who are there to support you today?

In this interactive session Amer Iqbal will share stories from his work as an innovation coach to Fortune 500 companies, his time leading transformation efforts at Meta, and his lifelong obsession with NBA basketball. Along the way he will uncover some practical strategies that leaders can implement to make sense of exponential change and how to remain proactive while everyone else plays catch up.

Keynote Speaker: Amer Iqbal, Founder & CEO, Five Ways to Innovate